Powerhouse Gospel Tutors’ are now available for schools


Our schools programme creates a vibrant and uplifting experience for all the children, whilst also teaching key life skills such as teamwork and social interaction.
The programme we have created plays an influential role in fulfilling national curriculum requirements for music across the key stages and is an essential tool to assist the development of a healthy school environment.
What does a typical day programme look like….

  • Whole School Assembly: introduction to singing, genres of music and vocal warm up exercises
  • Individual group/class workshops: Teaching individual class or year groups a song plus a whole school song (could be a school anthem)
  • School performance: An opportunity for classes and /or year groups to perform to each other and parents. We then unit the children with a whole school song performance.

Powerhouse Gospel Choir works as Singucation when we go in to schools. To book us for your school Contact Singucation